7th Sip


As my love for photography has grown over the last few years (Instagram being my current, artistic outlet of choice), I’ve often toyed with the idea of taking advantage of the readily available venues through which I could share my love for photography in a more tangible, less technologically bound way.

I love combining aesthetics, minimalism, and landscapes, and have chosen some of my favorite scenes over the years that leave me feeling peaceful, uplifted, inspired, and humbled. They can now be ordered in the form of prints (canvas, metal, framed, post cards, etc.), totes, iPhone cases, pillows, and more at Instaprints.com.

As much as I love the real benefits and convenience of social media, I truly value the palpable aspect of art. So, without further ado, here’s to warm corners, meaningfully filled spaces, and stories worth telling.

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