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10th Sip

SPACE> This is one of my favorite pictures from when I was a kid. I was only seven, but already so angsty and aware. I remember this day, and not feeling pretty. It was a good day over all, but I’d wanted to be a Pilgrim, and I suppose had been chosen to be an Indian.
I 13307262_10153615641285418_4602644751822447816_nwanted to be taken seriously. Since day one of Emily-Beth-meets-world, my intuitive mother saw all and met each bout of emotional intensity with loving reality and wisdom. My distress was self-inflicted and adorably premature. I laugh at it fondly in hindsight, but the truth is that those worries are still a part of me. Here are some thoughts I would love to tell my little self: I remember a friend talking a few years ago about her realization that it is okay to take up space. It was in the context of body image, self esteem, and contentment (struggles I’m well acquainted with, and which I’m learning are bi-products of selflessness). Your shape has been given to you for a reason. Fill the space you’re in. Fill it well, and with kindness. Take up all of your space.Take it up with grace, and with purpose. God shaped your space, the body you’ve been given and the heart that moves it. If we can stop obsessing over our area of square inches, we will find that our volume is what really matters.

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