22nd Sip


Disclaimer: I resisted the urge to edit out my fluffy belly button. The reality is that most of you wouldn’t even have noticed if I hadn’t said anything (go ahead, zoom in. I give you permission). I don’t mind the stretch marks, but I’m having a harder time embracing my new belly button. Around week 22 of pregnancy, my belly button started to protrude like a little balloon. I thought it would go away after Perry was born, but the balloon remains. Any other issues I have are totally self-inflicted because I keep telling myself I’m gonna do planks and exercise every day. Guess how many days I’ve done planks (or exercised) since she was born? One. Yep. ONCE. So I’m not allowed to complain cause I haven’t put much (any) effort in. Breastfeeding has taken the weight off, but I don’t feel as healthy or strong as I wish I did. All of this aside, motherhood has filled my heart and soul and I’ve never been more convinced of God’s love and goodness. My body is a vessel, not a vase.


6 thoughts on “22nd Sip

      1. Donna

        If you have a few burritos it won’t be an outie anymore. 😀 You just have this flat tummy, which is enviable!

      2. emilybethbeacham Post author

        Unfortunately it generally takes a small cosmetic surgery/stitch to fix umbilical hernias (the medical term for belly button balloon post pregnancy 😅), so I’m not going to worry about it until after baby number two… but until then, I’ll happily down a few burritos! 😉

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