Emily Beth. Currently 24. Married to Matt, the love of my life and a man I appreciate and respect more than I can express. An oldest sibling (synonymous with “best friend, second mother, and worry wart”). A writer. Still finding my way through the world of literacy, sentence structure, and prose. Constantly teetering between an intense need for the wisdom found in silence and the wisdom found in sharing. Want to learn to be a master of both. Striving for quality, learning consistency. Escaped the university classroom for the unfathomably beautiful gift of marriage. Spent two years on the daily work grind at a coffee shop providing service to a variety of kind and interesting characters in a small Hawaiian town. We now live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I work for Wahine Media in social media marketing, nurturing meaningful relationships between companies and their clients.

I still watch life go by in sips and conversations.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Emily 🙂 As a young teen, I came to know about you because of your amazing voice and music! You are such a blessed and talented young woman. Looking forward to more posts in the future♡

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