4th Sip

FEAR>  As (roughly) seen on my Facebook feed, just to list a few: Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. 2 patients dead, 7 infected from superbug bacteria. Potentially 50 more affected. Measles outbreak at Disney Land. Tom DeLonge. Phone taps, UFOs, and why Aliens are bigger than Jesus. 21 Christians beheaded by ISIS. Man walks around… Read More 4th Sip

1st Sip

REGULARS>  Jack and Sadie come in to Coffee Gallery every day toting gentle faces, kind eyes, and their small dog, Tuki. I believe that’s his name. His tiny, fury face is graying around the edges, and his eyes are always half-closed as he hangs comfortably suspended over well-worn and loving arms. Sometimes he sighs deeply,… Read More 1st Sip